Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

#9992 ONE SHOT NON-HAZARDOUS CASE LUBE - Formulated for use with Hornady Tumbling Media, this water-based, bio-degradable, cleaner leaves cases like-new shiny with the added benefit of a microscopic tarnish-resistant surface coating that helps prevent oxidation, so they stay shiny longer. Can be used to polish other metals, too, except aluminum. Add 1 tablespoon per pound of tumbler media or apply to a clean, damp cloth and polish by hand.

#393299 UNIQUE CASE LUBE - Non-petroleum case lube paste resists buildup that causes shoulder dents during resizing, and will not contaminate powder or primers. Apply directly from the tub – no lube pad needed. As a bonus, Unique Lube can also be used to preserve, condition, and waterproof leather goods.

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