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Ultra-Secure Attachment Of Stud-Mounted Bipod To Railed Handguard

Precision machined aluminum and steel adapter clamps securely to bottom of railed handguard to let you mount a bipod that requires a sling swivel stud attachment point. Steel locking bar and three hardened steel hex head screws that also serve as recoil lugs attach to Picatinny and Weaver-style rails for an ultra-solid platform that won’t slip even under heavy recoil. Streamlined design adds minimal bulk and weight to your weapon.

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SPECS: Hardcoat anodized aluminum and parkerized steel, matte black. 2-5⁄8" (6.7cm) long, approx. 1-1⁄8" (2.9cm) wide, extends 7⁄16" (1.1cm) below rail. 2.9 oz. (81g) weight.

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Application: Swivel Stud Mount

Attachment: Picatinny