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Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight

A larger ACOG with the exclusive Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) for “quick-as-thinking” aiming. Built-in range-finding reticle for ranges up to 800 yds. Mounts on the AR-15/M16 handle without modifications; allows use of standard issue sights. TA11- Red donut reticle without TA51Picatinny mount. TA11E – Red Chevron reticle for .308 rifles with TA51 Picatinny mount. TA11F – Red Chevron reticle for .223 rifles with TA51 Picatinny mount. TA11H-G – Green Horseshow with Dot reticle for .223 rifles with TA51 Picatinny mount.

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SPECS: Forged 7070-T6 aluminum housing, black, anodized, coated lenses. 8" (20cm) long, 14 oz.(396 g) wt. 3.5X magnification, 35mm objective lens. Adjustable for windage and elevation.


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Click Value: 1/3 MOA

Eye Relief: 2.40"

Finish: Matte Black

Focal Plane: Fixed

Illumination: Yes

Length: 8", ...

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