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For Bolt & Ejection Clearance

Sub-base mounts scope to side of receiver, provides additional clearance for bolt handles, easier loading and ejection. Long and Short bases give correct spacing for compact or large scopes. Side mount bases accept Weaver side mount rings only.

#1 Side Mount Base fits Anschutz 1568; Carcano Military Action; CIL 830 & 950, 950C; Cooey Model 71; Enfield P14/17 Receiver Cut like Remington 30; High Standard Mauser Action; Japanese Ariska 6.5mm & 7.7mm; Mauser Models ZB, HVA Husqvarna w/Receiver Ring 1.3" dia; Remington 7,30,700,40-X,600,660,721,722,700ML LA/SA; Savage 20,110,111,112,116,340,342,840,842; Schultz & Larson; Sear Models 51L, 53; S&W Mauser Actions; Springfield '03; Stevens 110E, 325, 322; Stevens-Springfield 840; Winchester 54,70 LA/SA, 670,770.

#2 Side Mount Base fit Cooey 60,600; H&R Models 65,165,150,151,250,251,264,265,365,450,550,755,765,852; Krag; Marlin A1,50,39A ROUND BARREL,80,81,88,89,98; Mossberg 25,26,35,40,42-46,46A,46B,46M,140,142,144,146,468T; Remington model 10,11,12,12A,25,33,34,41,121,341,513S,513T,514; Savage Models 3-7,19,23,40,45,219; Stevens Models 26,53,56,57,66,76,85,416,417,418,762,872; Stevens-Springfield Models 83, 872; Winchester Models 03,42,47,52,57,61,63,69,69A,72,74,75,77; ZB 22; Shotguns Win. 42 Pump.

#3B Side Mount Base fits Sear Models 54,100 & Winchester Model 94 Post-'64.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:277

SPECS: Base: aluminum, black anodized finish.

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Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Number of Bases: 1-Piece

Style: Weaver-Style Bases