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Fast, Instinctive Sighting System Completely Contained Within Gun

There’s a reason LaserMax Guide Rod lasers are as rugged as your gun: they sit inside it. Developed with close guidance from law enforcement officers, it’s a smart design patented almost two decades ago and has worked perfectly ever since. Even today, these Guide Rods are still the most technically advanced, hardened laser systems on the market. User installed in minutes, the laser sits just under the bore giving you the closest point-of-aim and point-of-impact.

Five story drops, 20-ton crushes, freezing in ice, roasting in flames, drowning in watery depths of 66 feet, 20,000 round firings. These Guide Rods lasers survive all of these tests and more. The convenient on/off switch is easily activated, whether you are right or left handed, without altering your grip. The activation switch is exactly where you index finger should be for safe operation, without interfering with the laser beam. Keeping your favorite grips and holster are critical to your shooting accuracy, comfort and safety. That’s why LaserMax Guide Rod lasers preserve the dimensions of you gun, ensuring a perfect fit.

SPECS: Stainless steel or aluminum housing, depending on model. Steel takedown lever/activation switch. Dot size: 5/16" at 7 yards (6.4m), ¾" at 25 yards (22.9m). Batteries and instructions included. Beretta not compatible with 92A1 or 96A1 models.

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