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Locks All Stocks In Best Position For No Strain Layout & Checkering

A cradle makes checkering so much easier - and the results so much better - that we have never met a professional stockmaker who did not use a checkering cradle! Two of the most important advantages of a good checkering cradle are: 1) It allows you to work with both hands and rotate the stock as you checker across the pattern, keeping the work area at the most comfortable, controlled position. This eliminates the clumsy and difficult task of trying to work around a stationary stock - sometimes almost to the point of standing on your head - and following the pattern correctly from border to border. 2) Prevents the back and forth wobble that kills the cutting action of the checkering tools. If the stock is not securely held, it will move with the cutter. This movement lets the cutter “grab” the stock and makes it almost impossible to cut straight, even lines of uniform depth. Simple in design, low in cost, of rugged wood construction and highly practical. Adjustable to hold rifle stocks up to 33" long (which will include all stocks except Mannlicher-style) and all shotgun stocks and forends. Holds the stock rigidly, without marring finish, yet permits turning of the stock as the work progresses. Convenient also for stock inletting, sanding, staining and finishing. Bolt directly to the bench, or lock into a sturdy vise. Comes complete with all holders, bolts and instructions.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:422
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:436
SPECS: 41½" (105cm) long, 8¼" (21cm) high, 1½" (3.8cm) wide.

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