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State-Of-The-Art Stones Combine Fast Metal Removal With Fine Finish

Custom made to our specs from premium ceramic. The cutting action is very fast and the resulting surface very smooth. Perfect for all trigger work from burr removal to final finish. Use dry or with water as a lube (no messy oil); soap and water cleanup. Less fragile than Arkansas stones. Ground sides for sharp, 90° edges and an extremely fine cutting action for polishing and smoothing triggers and sears, like the 1911 Auto, that require an exact 90° interface for best performance. 

1911, Issue:01, Page:050
1911, Issue:02, Page:050
1911, Issue:03, Page:054
1911, Issue:04, Page:054
1911, Issue:05, Page:054
1911, Issue:06, Page:055
1911, Issue:07, Page:055
1911, Issue:08, Page:055
1911, Issue:09, Page:062
1911, Issue:10, Page:062
1911, Issue:11, Page:060
Big Book Catalog, Issue:49, Page:041
Big Book Catalog, Issue:49, Page:189
Big Book Catalog, Issue:50, Page:043
Big Book Catalog, Issue:50, Page:199
Big Book Catalog, Issue:51, Page:046
Big Book Catalog, Issue:51, Page:207
Big Book Catalog, Issue:52, Page:043
Big Book Catalog, Issue:52, Page:208
Big Book Catalog, Issue:53, Page:105
Big Book Catalog, Issue:53, Page:208
Big Book Catalog, Issue:54, Page:103
Big Book Catalog, Issue:54, Page:206
Big Book Catalog, Issue:55, Page:103
Big Book Catalog, Issue:55, Page:205
Big Book Catalog, Issue:56, Page:109
Big Book Catalog, Issue:56, Page:2

SPECS: 6" (15.2cm) x ½" (12.7mm) x ½" (12.7mm).


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