Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Genuine, Original, Parker Manganese Phosphate Solution; Tough, Rust-Resisting Finish; Easy To Use; Detailed Instruction Booklet, 100% Guaranteed; Meets Mil Spec STD171

With a Brownells Manganese Parkerizing setup in your shop, you can give your customers the same durable, economical finish that’s protected U.S. military firearms for decades. An ideal choice for hard-working handguns, rifles and shotguns. Its dull gray finish blends beautifully with camo gear and won’t “flash” to spook game, plus the coating’s porous structure lets it soak up oil to help prevent rust. Parkerizing’s easy to do and, since it works best on a “blasted” finish, you don’t need polishing equipment and won’t have to charge for polishing time. The color will vary from light to dark gray, depending on the base metal’s alloy and hardness, and Parkerizing creates a superb base for a baking lacquer or camo paint finish.

Once you’ve gotten your solution mixed and activated, you just add water as you use it and top off the tank with fresh solution between uses. No need to throw it out after each use and no complicated testing to make sure the levels of “Newt’s eye and frog hair” are correct. As we experimented we deliberately tried to destroy the solution and goof up the results and, at times, we had some pieces come out that weren’t as nice as we’d like. But, even the bad pieces were usable and we put all we learned into the detailed Instruction Booklet; we made the mistakes so you won’t have to, and our Instructions give you far more than just the hard facts. We explain how and why Parkerizing works, and give you lots of trouble shooting info.

If you’re already set up for Oxynate No.7™ bluing, adding Parkerizing to your shop is really easy. You’ll need our Parkerizing Solution, a stainless steel tank and stand, a diffuser plate, heat source, some Post Solution Treatment, a fiberglass tank, atomized steel activator, bore plugs, a couple of coffee filters and our Instruction Booklet.

If you’re starting from scratch, our complete Parkerizing Kits give you the chemicals, tanks, stands and burners, safety gear and more, right down to the wire you’ll need to hang the parts and rubber plugs to protect the bore. Set it up, hook up to an Electric, LP or natural gas supply, mix the solutions, and you’re ready to give your customers a tough, durable, rust-resistant finish; quickly, easily, repeatably, confidently and profitably.

The Gas Parkerizing Kit is a great value. Buying all the components separately you’d pay over 15% more than you do for the kit.

(Shipped Truck only. Please call for freight charges.) Cannot ship outside Continental U.S.

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SPECS: Kit contains: 1 gallon (128 fl.oz/3.8L) of Brownells Parkerizing Solution; 5 gallons (640 fl.oz/18.9L) of Brownells Parkerizing Post Solution Treatment; 8lbs (3.6kg) of Dicroclean 909™; 12 oz. (340g) pak of Atomized Steel; 6 rifle/pistol bore plugs; 6 shotgun bore plugs; 1, 6" (15cm) x 6" x 40" (101cm) stainless steel tank; 3, 6" x 6" x 40" black iron tanks; 1 fiberglass tank; 4 tank stands; 1 tank cover; 1, 3/8" (9.5mm) x 6" x 40" diffuser plate; 1 face shield; 1 pair of heavy rubber gloves; 1 shop apron; 2 rinse tank brushes; 2 hot water tank burners and 1 pipe burner, all three include natural gas and propane orifices; 1 tank overflow kit; 1 bluing thermometer; 50 ft. (15m) of black iron wire and 5 coffee filters.


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