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HOT CHEMICAL BLUING COMPOUND MEETS Mil Spec C13924BAM1, Class 1, Grade A Finest Professional Gunsmith-Developed, Hot Bluing Salts Available on the Market Today

OXYNATE NO. 7 has, for more than 55 years, been the popular bluing salts for the professional gun trade. For quantity work (one to a dozen guns a week or month) the cost per gun is extremely low. Oxynate No. 7 is manufactured by one of the country’s chief producers of manufacturer’s chemicals and sold by us to the gun trade by exclusive license. This is mentioned so that you’ll appreciate the vast research laboratories available to our users of Oxynate No. 7- and that you are using the best gun blue modern science and research can produce.

Our copyrighted Instructions are, we feel, the most complete offered to the trade. Every step, every complication, every question the gun bluer can encounter is detailed in this booklet. The answers and suggestions are not from any one individual but are those of several thousand gun men who have used Oxynate No. 7 successfully during the past 55+ years. Ask for a copy today.

Note: Requires Additional Hazardous Materials Surcharge. Please call for freight charges.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:405
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:406
SPECS: 40 lb. (18.1 kg) net weight can or 400 lb. (181.4 kg) net weight drum. Normal mix is 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) per gallon of water. Full instructions included.


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Size: 40 lb.

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Size: 400 lb.