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Ultimate For Hammer & Sear Work; Accurate, Repeatable Setup

Save time and money by providing repeatable setup, accurate, measurable adjustments and suitability for many guns. The complete fixtures includes an adapter for the specific gun listed. Purchase more adapters separately for other guns; many jigs combined in one fixture! To use, mount hammer or trigger/sear on adapter, set and lock at correct index mark as instructed. Set stoning angle by counting “clicks” specified to raise or lower elevator and stoning guide. Lock guide, place stone on both roller and hammer or trigger/sear, and stone as normal. Easily adjustable to allow variations in stoning angle for exact, desired trigger pull weight. Same tool Ron Power uses in his own shop. Complete with one adapter and very detailed instructions written by Ron. You will also need a #10 Machinist’s Clamp and 6"x½"x½" stones (listed elsewhere). ab

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SPECS: Blued steel. 5 9⁄16" (14.1cm) long x 2 9⁄16" (6.5cm) wide x 3" (7.6cm) high. 3⁄4" (19mm) thick base. 5 3⁄4 lb. (2.6 kg). Inc

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