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Basic Foundation Set For The Gunsmith's Bench

American Pistolsmiths Guild Seal of Approval

The taps and dies in this kit were especially chosen for the man who works on guns. We picked only those that are practical to use in the gun shop to make parts or repairs, basing our choices on professional experience and a detailed analysis of the charts in The Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms. The Tap & Die Kit is packed in a good-looking, sturdy, fitted, double-level polyethylene case, and has 8 plug taps, 8 matching screw-adjusting 13⁄16" OD dies, die stock, tap wrench, and T-handle tap wrench. The case has plenty of room for expansion as you acquire additional taps and dies specific to the work you do.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:457
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:459

SPECS: Taps/Dies – Carbon steel. Sizes: 3-56, 4-40, 5-40, 6-40, 6-48, 8-36, 8-40, 10-32; plus two tap wrenches, 13⁄16" die stock, and box.


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