Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The LE-36 Sweep Set-Up with an anti-drip lip and anti-splash dampers has a 36" tank length and accommodates handguns and long arms. This system is one of law enforcement’s most desired LE lines and is used for various teams within a police or federal agency.

  • Power ultrasonic generator delivers 600 watts of power
  • Generator is digital with memory control system automatically turns itself off after a cycle
  • Equipped with an extra ½ size pan, basket and cover which allows for disinfection of handcuffs, restraints and leg irons

Holds up to 10 handguns or 4 long guns up to 36 inches


1 LE-36 Ultrasonic Weapon Cleaning System with SweepZone® Technology includes: Tank, Generator, Timer, Heat, Drain, Cover & Weapon Rack with 5 Adjustable Compartments and Drain Hose

1 LE-36 Full Size Lubricating Pan with Anti-Splash Dampers

1 LE-36 1/2 size Weapon Pan 1 LE-36 1/2 size Weapon Basket

1 LE-36 1/2 size Cover

4 Gallons L&R Weapon Cleaning Concentrate Non-ammoniated (Makes 44 gallons of ready to use solution)

8 Gallons L&R Ultrasonic Weapon Lubricating Solution. Ready to use

L&R MFG - L&R Ultrasonics LE-36 Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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