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All-Climate Formula - Go From Arctic To The Desert & Never Worry About The CLP On Your Guns

FrogLube Extreme™ retains the biodegradable properties of original FrogLube CLP in an even more advanced formulation that works in ambient temperatures from -40°F. to +125° F. You can transition from a sub-zero operating environment to a hot desert without having to change the lubricant on your firearms. FrogLube Extreme stays viscous in sub-zero temps, yet won't break down and burn off during high heat operations. Like original FrogLube CLP, Extreme fights fouling buildup on guns with high round counts between cleanings. It even functions well on "tight action" or precision-built guns. You can mix it with standard FrogLube CLP™ - no need to remove Extreme from your gun when you move to a warmer climate. Complies with U.S. Army Field Manual/Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance.

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