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The Sinclair Adjustable Coned-Style Rod Guides are ideal for the shooter with multiple rifles. Three different rod guides cover calibers from .17 caliber thru .416 caliber and work in most rifle actions. Each Sinclair Adjustable Rod Guide features an anodized aluminum tube with machined Delrin fittings. The coned chamber fitting aligns and seats in the chamber opening to make sure your cleaning rod is centered with the bore opening with a tapered approach to make solvent application to your brush or patch an easy task. The adjustable bolt collar has a threaded brass locking pin that allows you to lock the rod guide solidly in place in almost any length action. A standard bolt collar is included with each Sinclair Adjustable Rod Guide that will fit standard diameter actions (Remingtons, Winchesters, Rugers, Browning, Savage, Mauser). For all other actions please measure the bolt diameter to .001 inch and specify when ordering.

The two Sinclair Adjustable Rod Guides that cover .17 thru .25 caliber and 6.5mm thru .30 caliber include the rod guide, solvent port, and coned chamber fitting. The Multi-Purpose Sinclair Adjustable Rod Guide includes the rod guide, solvent port, and three coned chamber fittings that will allow you to clean .17 caliber thru .416 caliber. We recommend buying the smaller size rod guides if you don't need the larger caliber capacity. The smaller size guides provide better control of the cleaning rod as the inside diameter of the main tube is closer fit with the diameter of the rod.

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Cartridge: 17 Caliber (.172), 25 Caliber (.251)