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Go-Anywhere Kit For Cleaning Popular 3-Gun Firearms

Ultra-compact cleaning kit is specifically built for the 3-gun competitor, with components to clean a .223/5.56mm rifle, 9mm/40/45 pistol, and a 12 gauge shotgun. Contains everything you need to keep these popular 3-gun firearms running, including Otis’s famous O85® Ultra Bore Solvent®, caliber-specific slotted tips, cotton patches, and a handy assortment of brushes, picks, and scrapers, all conveniently packed in a nylon carry case that fits on your belt. At home or between courses during the competition, this kit is ready to go.

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SPECS: Nylon carry case, black, 3¾" (9.5cm) O.D. Contains 8" flexible handgun cleaning cable with slotted tip, 30" flexible cable, T-handle, .22 and .30 cal. slotted tips and obstruction removers, chamber brush, short A/P receiver brush, bore flag, bore brushes for all calibers and 12 gauge, shotgun patch saver, (10) 2" and (10) 3" cotton patches, ½ oz. tube of O85 solvent, nylon utility brush, male and female rod handles, and assorted picks and scrapers.


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