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Premiun-Quality Components For Detail Cleaning Of The Entire Rifle

Convenient, professional-grade cleaning system contains everything you need to thoroughly clean an AR-15 to ensure it operates with peak reliability and accuracy. We packed this kit with our best, premium-grade components and supplies to help you detail clean all parts of your rifle’s operating system, including bore, chamber, gas system, and bolt carrier way. You get a top-quality Dewey cleaning rod long enough for any AR-15 barrel, our own Special Line bronze bore brushes, and our deep-scrubbing all-cotton, flannel patches, plus tools specifically developed for the AR-15. A hold-open link separates the upper and lower receivers and locks them in place so you can clean the bore and chamber the correct way, from the breech. Rugged Delrin® plastic bore guide centers the cleaning rod in the bore and protects the rifling from damage; silicone O-ring seals the chamber and keeps solvent out of the action and trigger. Our upper receiver cleaning tool has a properly sized bronze brush and cotton mop to let you quickly scrub stubborn carbon fouling from the bolt carrier way and lug recesses. Combination bronze and stainless steel chamber brush, originally designed for the USGI M16, makes short work of fouling that can prevent proper extraction of spent shells. All this gear comes packed in a rugged plastic storage/carry box with a roomy top compartment and three slide-out drawers with plenty of storage space for extra items.

Cannot ship to California.

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SPECS: Kit contains Dewey 36" cleaning rod w/jag and 8-32 thread adapter, O-ring bore guide, cleaning link, (12) Special Line .22 bore brushes, (3) cotton bore mops, (250) 1¼" round cotton patches, (3) chamber brushes, gun parts cleaning brush, (2) shop cloths, 4 oz. Break Free CLP, and 24 oz. TCE Cleaner/Degreaser, plus Upper Receiver Cleaning Kit that includes handle, bronze brush, and cotton mop. For AR-15/M16 rifles and carbines chambered in .223/5.56mm only


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