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Pocket-Size Kit Cleans All Your Duty Weapons

Everything you need to thoroughly clean any handgun, from 9mm to .45 caliber, in a handy case that zips open to reveal an incredible array of cleaning tools and supplies. The non-scratch Memory Flex cleaning cable rolls up for storage. Woven cotton patches can be repositioned on slotted tips to present fresh cleaning surfaces for six separate passes. Kit also includes brass slotted tips, bronze bore brushes, NATO rod adapter, Otis O85 Ultra Bore cleaner/lubricant/protectant, multi-purpose utility brush, fiber optic bore reflector/safety flag, and an array of picks, scrapers, and small-parts cleaning tools. Each item fits into its own slot in the zippered, soft-side nylon carrying case with 2½" wide belt loop.

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SPECS: Nylon carrying case, black. Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning System contains six (6) brass brushes; four (4) brass slotted tips; interchangeable brass handle; ½ oz. (1.4ml) tube O85 cleaning solvent/lubricant; ten (10) cotton patches, two (2), 8” (20.3cm) and one (1), 30” (76.2cm) plastic-coated, steel cable rods; obstruction remover; bore reflector/safety flag; three (3) rod adapters; scraper; pick; nylon multi-purpose brush. Professional Pistol Cleaning System contains two (2) brass brushes; brass patch loop; interchangeable brass handle; ½ oz. tube O85 cleaning solvent/lubricant; ten (10) cotton patches; 8”, 12” (30.5cm), and 20” (50.8cm) plastic-coated, steel cable rods; pin punch; brass scraper; straight pick; angled pick; nylon multi-purpose brush; fiber optic bore reflector/safety flag; and NATO rod adapter.


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