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Portable Pistol Cleaning Kit For Range Bag Or Bench

Our handy compact cleaning kits contain all the items you need to clean a pistol or revolver, anywhere, anytime. Costs about as much as a generic "big box" store kit, but equipped with top-quality components. The 6" cleaning rod is made of brass to protect delicate rifling from damage while scrubbing powder, lead, and copper fouling from the bore. There's a 8-32 tpi brass patch loop, 3 Brownells "Special Line" Brass Core Bore Brushes, 25 of our 1¾" square 100% cotton flannel cleaning patches, our ever-useful nylon gun/parts cleaning brush, and 1 oz. of Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil for superior lubrication and protection of metal surfaces. Nylon carry pouch keeps all these components together - ready whenever you need them.

SPECS: Kits available for 9mm/.38/.357, .40/.41/10mm, and .44/.45 calibers. Cleans handguns with barrels up to 6” (15.3cm) long.

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