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How to purchase a firearm/Receiver Online

Buying guns/receivers online is very popular because it's simple, easy and completely legal.

To buy a gun online from Brownells, you need to know a few basic things.

  • You are responsible for abiding by all Federal, state and local laws pertaining to the purchase.
  • Federal law requires guns/receivers purchased online must ship to a gun dealer who possesses a Federal Firearms License (FFL).
  • FFL dealers must still complete the appropriate background check to transfer the firearm. FFL dealers will charge a fee to conduct this transaction. You are responsible for paying the fee. You may also be charged sales tax by the dealer.
  • Brownells maintains a list of Brownells Featured Dealers, located across the U.S., who have agreed to perform FFL transfers for Brownells customers. Brownells publishes the names of their businesses, their business hours and transfer fees. For a quicker, more streamlined purchase, select a Brownells Featured Dealer near you.

Buying A Gun/Receiver Online From Brownells:


1. Select the gun/receiver you wish to buy.

Find your next new firearm or firearm receiver at by searching for it and clicking on it, just like any other product.

On the gun's product page, you'll find a clickable link titled "Find An FFL Dealer." Click on that link to find FFLs in your area. You'll also notice an area called "Can we ship this to you?" Enter your shipping zip code and click "check" to verify the firearm you have selected is in compliance with local laws and can be shipped to you.


2. Add the gun/receiver to your cart.

Enter the number of firearms/receivers you want to buy, then click "Add To Cart." If you wish, you may continue shopping for more firearms/receivers, or other products that do not require an FFL.

If you purchase a mixture of FFL items (guns, receivers, etc.) and non-FFL items (magazines, flashlights, cleaning gear, etc.) on the same order, the FFL item(s) will automatically ship to your selected FFL, and the non-FFL items will ship to your selected/home address.


3. Checkout to complete your purchase.

Click on "Checkout" and pay for your purchase. Brownells will charge a $10 FFL processing fee on orders containing FFL items. The fee is per order, not per item.

If you have not yet selected an FFL dealer, you will have to select one at this time.


Selecting an FFL Dealer:

Brownells Featured Dealers

Selecting a listed Brownells Featured Dealer is the easiest way to complete your purchase. Brownells Featured Dealers have already agreed to perform transfers for guns purchased from Brownells. There is no need for you to contact a Brownells Featured Dealer. Just select the dealer on the Brownells website, pay for your gun, and it automatically ships to the dealer.

Other Dealers

If you decide to go through an FFL Dealer who is not a Brownells Featured Dealer, you'll have to contact that dealer, and have a clearly-signed copy of the FFL emailed to, or faxed to 641-623-8143 or mailed to the following address: Brownells Attn: FFL Dept. 3006 Brownells Parkway Grinnell, IA, 50112 The FFL will also have to contact Brownells and give specific permission for your gun to ship to the FFL location.


4. Pick up your gun/receiver at the FFL.

Brownells will keep you updated on the status of your order and shipment throughout the entire process. You will receive an email when your firearm/receiver ships to your FFL. You'll also receive an email when it arrives at your selected FFL.

Once your gun arrives at the FFL, go to that dealer to complete the transfer process (which includes a background check) and pay any applicable fees and taxes. Check your local laws regarding the documents or identification you'll need to take with you to complete the transfer.

That's it! Take your new gun to the range or build that receiver into the gun of your dreams!